Journal of Critical Studies on Business & Society

The new form of the Journal of Critical Studies in Business & Society - a socially responsible academic journal - aims to bridge the gap and provide a site for the growing number of scholars and researchers who realize that conventional or/and misguided theories are inextricably connected with the intensifying disfigurements and dislocations of the modern social, cultural and environmental realms. In view of this, a new literature is emerging that seeks both to examine corporate or economic globalization as well as social or cultural activity in a critical perspective and to readjust the theoretical accounts and the methodological arteries by which academics and practitioners affect these particular activities.

Furthermore, the Journal of Critical Studies in Business & Society encourages integration of critical knowledge among those disciplines that underpin the complex interrelation and intersection between organizations and society. Articles cover a wide range of topical areas within the realm of critical studies, with emphasis on identifying and investigating in an interdisciplinary manner important organizational, corporate, cultural and societal issues and problems.

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