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The JOURNAL of CRITICAL STUDIES in BUSINESS & SOCIETY is regularly listed in the International Current Awareness Services and selected material is indexed in the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences, both published by the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Abstracts of the JOURNAL of CRITICAL STUDIES in BUSINESS & SOCIETY are included in the World Banking Abstracts, which are published by the Institute of European Finance and Basil Blackewell, as well as in the Sociological Abstracts (SA) and the Social Planning/Policy and Development Abstracts (SOPODA).

Abstracts are also available on line by BRS, DATA-STAR, DIALOG and DIMDI data bases.


SPECIAL ISSUE: Critical Perspectives on Gender

Volume 1, Numbers 1 & 2, 2010


  • From New Woman to 'New' Feminism: Some thoughts on the Post-Feminist era", Charis Xinari
  • "Inside Out: Representations of Women and Work on Popular Television", Jen Kennedy and Liz Linden
  • "Feminism, Disability, and Women with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder", Maeve O' Donnovan
  • "Sex-gender Oppression, Sociolinguistics, Feminism, Triad of Power", B.Lara Lee
  • "Can Local Government Reform Empower Women Socially? Experience from Bangladesh", Pranab Kumar Panday
  • "Violence against Women in Turkey: Beliefs and Traditions", Ilhan Yildiz
  • "For whom the post Tolls beyond Technologies of Feminism: Postmortem of Transnational Communicative Environments", W.Anselmi and S. Wilson


  • "The Political Modality of the Capitalist State in a Global World: A Theoretical Account", Soteris Kattos
  • "«Πολίτης» as an Ancient Greek term for "citizen": its origins and establishment", Andreas Milios

SPECIAL ISSUE: Online and Offline Social Movements: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Volume 2 Numbers 1 & 2, 2011


Gender and Employment in Times of Economic Crisis

Volume 3, Number 1, 2012


SPECIAL ISSUE: Visual forms of power in the era of crisis
Guest Editor: Vicky Karaiskou

Volume 4, Number 1, 2013

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