Journal of Critical Studies on Business & Society

Call for papers - 2011

Journal of Critical Studies in Business and Society

Special Issue on “Online and Offline Social Movements: Critical Perspectives”
Guest Editor: Dr. Vasiliki Triga, Lecturer
Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHz), Centre for Democracy Studies Aarau (ZDA),University of Zurich

Based on the premise that societies are in constant transformation, social change is effectuated through
social protest. Within a turbulent global socio-economic and political context, social protest becomes
more prominent though it takes a variety of forms. At the same time, Information Communication
Technologies (ICTs) are becoming more widespread and sophisticated in areas where transnational let
alone global problems are tackled. A range of empirical studies have provided evidence for the
purported changing nature of social movements, both online and offline. On the one hand, ICTs seem to
have a considerable effect on the amount and quality of information, the way members and nonmembers
of movements interact online and the internal structure and form of social movements
(SMOs). On the other hand, the online presence of SMOs' members and activists has had an impact on
the organisation of traditional forms of mobilisation. However, the crucial question that needs to be
addressed is whether social protest is effective in bringing social change. Has the existing constellations
of power changed? To what extent has ICT influenced this process? What kind of ideological dilemmas
drive and inform the discourses of social action? This special issue aims at providing a critical analysis
of (new) social movements. The basic objective is to identify innovative case studies based on a critical
theoretical framework in order to explore the goals of SMOs' activities online and offline, their
ideological underpinnings and their effectiveness. Interdisciplinary papers are especially welcomed.

The journal

The Journal of Critical Studies in Business & Society is a peer reviewed journal, international in
readership and critical in approach and analysis. Genuinely interdisciplinary in scope, the journal offers
a comprehensive locus to critical thinking as well as to dialectical materialism about the most
significant tendencies, contradictions and key issues of our society.

Guidelines for Submission

All submitted papers will be subject to the initial screening of the (guest) editor and once approved,
they will be automatically sent out for blind peer review by at least two anonymous referees. The
author should not be identifiable from the text, and that information about the author is provided in a
front page, separate from the text of the article. The papers should not exceed the 8000 words. All
proposed papers should be sent electronically to the guest editor ( More
specific information regarding the format of the submitted papers is available at:

Important Dates

Deadline for paper submission: 1st May 2011
Paper Reviews until: 1st July 2011
Submission of revised manuscripts: 1st September, 2011
The special issue will be published in the Fall/Winter Issue of 2011.

Editor: Prof. Kostas Gouliamos, European University Cyprus

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