Journal of Critical Studies on Business & Society

Editorial Policy

This is an international refereed journal.

All research articles in the journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereeing by at least two anonymous referees.

Contributions reprinted from other sources, and invited contributions - including introductions to other articles - will not be sent out for review unless the author(s) so request(s).

All other contributions will be automatically sent out for blind peer review.

The process

An article is submitted, and we require that the author is not identifiable from the text, and that information about the author is provided in a front page, separate from the text of the article.

The editor reads the article, and decides whether its content is appropriate to the Journal of Critical Studies in Business & Society.

Receipt of the article is acknowledged, and the editor notifies the author either that it is not appropriate to our journal or that it will be sent out for refereeing.

The article - minus the identifying front page - is forwarded to two (2) referees along with the Journal's "Referee Report Form". The two referees independently read, assess and report on the article.

The editor reads these reports and decides whether or not to publish. If the decision is not to publish, the author is notified, and provided with reasons for the decision. If the decision is to publish, the author is provided with the referees' reports and is invited to resubmit after making any amendments required by the editor on the advice of the referees.

The author rewrites and re-submits. The editor negotiates any further changes with the author till both are satisfied.

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